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Stop counting your age by birthdays or candles on the cake, wrinkles, crow’s feet or the frown lines on your face — those are only numbers.

Today, the numbers don’t matter. The only number that matters is your biological DNA age.

Epigenetics. Difference between Chronological and Biological age
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What is Your Biological Age?

We all know about our chronological or calendar age.
But how old we really are?

Biological age compared to chronological measures how well or poorly our body is functioning relative to our chronological age.

People age at different rates. Some “look” and “feel” older than their chronological age while others look younger than their chronological age. Therefore, our biological age is better parameter of our health, well-being and life span than our chronological age.

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Why Does Epigenetics Matter?

More than 99% of your cellular DNA is identical to everyone else’s. However, a small part of your DNA, which may vary from person to person, makes you the unique person that you are.

​More than traditional genetics of hair and eye color, Epigenetics reveals a revolutionary understanding of your cellular DNA and genetic code. These genetic “variants” can identify specific diseases that you might be at risk for and enable you to change, fix or totally avoid them. Epigenetics holds the key to your overall health and well-being.

​Even better, these findings will lead to new treatments and drugs to prevent, treat or cure Cancer, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Addiction and others, perhaps, before they occur.

​Right now, HKG Epitherapeutics is a pioneer in developing the most advanced medical innovations for early detection and prevention of diseases that affect huge populations of people worldwide. Our visions are already happening.

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How do We reveal Your Actual Age?

biological age detection

MTL Epitherapeutics is on the cutting edge of this “new age” science. It’s called Epigenetics and it uses a method called DNA methylation to determine your true age — which might, as science is thinking at this time and age, reveal some important information on your true health, and possibly the quality and even span of your life.

Epigenetics is new, but MTL Epitherapeutics already has three decades of pioneering research in this exciting area of DNA methylation.

With our unique method of detecting the DNA methylation status stored in your cells in saliva we reveal your actual age, which may encourage you to make these lifestyle changes

Slow Down the Aging Processs

Prevent Disease Before Onset

Improve Your Quality Of Life

Increase Your Life Expectancy

Biological Age Detection Methods Comparison

We use the Epigenetic Clock as a biochemical test to measure biological age

Telomere Length

Low correlation.
High technical requirements Small technical errors may have a decisive ​impact on the results

Metabolic age scores

Sampling and detection methods are complex and have not been verified in a large number of population samples

Epigenetic Clock

Is closely related to the biological function of human body, and the acceleration of epigenetic clock is related to the risk of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer


​Research has uncovered another ground-breaking discovery: environment and lifestyle choices may also affect your health and biological age.

Smoking, diet, drugs, exercise, stress, etc., are factors that may alter the genetic code of, not only you, but of your children and grand-children, as well. But knowledge is, indeed, golden. Knowing your true age and associated risks, gives you the opportunity to change them!

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What are your expected chronological and epigenetic ages?

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Biological Age Test - Epigen Experts Canada

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