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epiPancancer: A Proprietary Blood Test for Early Detection of Cancer from 33 Different Origins Using BCD-Next Generation Method

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Late detection of cancer often leads to increased morbidity and mortality, as many cancers are not detected early. Current biomarkers and diagnostic methods lack sensitivity and specificity for early-stage cancer detection and are often invasive, making them unsuitable for follow-up in healthy individuals.

To address this challenge, our scientists at HKG epiTherapeutics Limited have developed the epiPancancer test, a novel method for detecting cancer using a blood test. This method analyzes DNA methylation patterns in normal tissues, blood, and cancer from thousands of individuals, identifying distinct methylation profiles between cancer and normal tissues. Our proprietary method, known as BCD (Binary Categorical Differentiation), leverages these profiles to accurately differentiate between cancerous and normal tissues.

The BCD method employs a binary approach to categorize methylation profiles, simplifying the distinction between cancer and normal tissues. This cutting-edge technique has the potential to transform cancer diagnosis, potentially enabling earlier detection and improving patient outcomes.

Please note that the epiPancancer test is not approved by the FDA or Health Canada.

If you are interested in purchasing this test, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.


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