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Biological Age Epigenetic DNA Test Kit "EpiAge"

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“EpiAge” is a biological age test that utilizes a DNA age saliva testing kit to determine your actual body age. Researchers at MTL Epitherapeutics have extensively analyzed numerous age-related CG methylation sites found in published DNA methylation data. They have identified a specific DNA region that, when tested with saliva samples, can accurately predict your biological age.


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  • Orders are shipped Monday through Friday, with most orders being shipped within two full business days.

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How does Biological Test work?

Our biological age test is designed to be simple, cost-effective, robust, and accurate. It seamlessly integrates into a lifelong health ecosystem driven by App technology and machine learning. (Please note that the accompanying mobile app is currently undergoing extensive maintenance, and as a result, not all features may be available at this time.)

To administer the test, all you need to do is collect saliva into the provided collection tubes and follow the instructions provided. Once completed, simply send the test kit back using the provided envelope.

Our EpiAge App provides a valuable link to information on recommended lifestyle behaviors by major US national medical associations. These recommendations are regularly updated, and we encourage you to stay informed by periodically reviewing the provided links. It’s important to note that while these recommendations are based on the current scientific understanding, they are not infallible. As science continues to gather more data and conduct further analysis, our understanding and recommendations will improve.

You have the option to update your lifestyle data as frequently as you prefer. You can choose to update all questions, some of them, or none at all. However, we strongly recommend providing accurate reporting as it enables a more precise and comprehensive analysis, leading to better insights and results.

Initially, our biological age test report will indicate the deviation of your lifestyle parameters from consensus recommendations. Rest assured, your data will be anonymized, and it will be combined with data from other anonymous users. Through machine learning analysis, a model will be developed using aggregated user data to measure the impact of lifestyle changes on the “epigenetic clock.” As more data is accumulated over time, this model will be applied to your individual lifestyle data and shared with you for further insights.

How does the Biological Age Test Work?

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The EpiAge test is most effective when integrated into a dynamic, lifelong lifestyle management approach. In the questionnaire section, you will find advice sourced from reputable national medical associations, based on scientific recommendations. You have the flexibility to enter your data and then decide which recommendations to follow.

To share your data and decisions with us, we provide a “fully blinded” app. You can input data and update your progress as frequently as you prefer. Continuous analysis of data from multiple users is conducted using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. Based on this analysis, you will receive a personalized report with potential routes for improvement. It’s important to note that medicine is not an absolute science, and we are constantly striving for improvement through iterative data analysis.

We acknowledge that perfection is unattainable, but we are committed to continuous improvement by harnessing the power of data. Our platform is designed as an “evolutionary” system that dynamically enhances itself through the utilization of an ever-expanding body of data.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the current unavailability of certain features in our app and appreciate your patience during the maintenance process.

If your chronological age is 50 and your biological age is 35, that’s excellent! However, if your chronological age is 35 and your biological age indicates 50, it may serve as an alarm calling for lifestyle changes.

Advanced aging is potentially linked to an increased risk of serious illnesses. While epigenetics may not be the Fountain of Youth, it can be considered the Fountain of Life.

Individuals age at different rates, with some appearing and feeling older than their chronological age, while others appear younger.

Biological age serves as a better indicator of our health, well-being, and life span compared to chronological age. DNA serves as the hardware, genetics as the operating system, and DNA methylation and other epigenetic factors as the software that programs the genome.

The discovery of the “epigenetic clock” by Horvath, which measures DNA methylation at strategic positions in DNA, brought about a paradigm shift in the search for biological age markers.

Studies suggest that an accelerated epigenetic clock may be associated with an increased risk of age-related chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer later in life. However, this field is still actively being researched, and more studies are needed.

Importantly, unlike genetics, epigenetics can potentially be reversed through dietary interventions and lifestyle changes.

Our biological age serves as a better parameter for assessing our health, well-being, and life span compared to our chronological age.

But how do we determine our “biological age”?

In the quest to define the true “biological age,” researchers have sought to identify various parameters that could predict biological aging and life span. These parameters have included measures of frailty, graying of hair, aging of skin, and levels of different types of white blood cells. However, most of these markers have been found to offer no advantage over simply knowing one’s chronological age.

The search for accurate and reliable indicators of biological age continues, as determining our biological age holds the potential to develop interventions that can slow down the rate of biological aging. Extensive efforts have been dedicated to this field over the past decades.

Through extensive data mining, we have identified a specific region of age-related CG methylation that can accurately predict biological age using saliva samples.

While it remains unclear how one can slow down the aging process, lifestyle changes recommended by most national medical associations are often a good starting point. When our biological age surpasses a certain threshold, which we refer to as a “red flag,” it suggests that it may be time to consider making lifestyle adjustments.

We define a “red flag” as an “epigenetic age” that exceeds the standard deviation of the test results. The standard deviation provides insight into the distribution of ages within the normal population, which, at this stage of analysis, is estimated to be 5 years. As more tests are conducted and data accumulates, we will obtain a more precise measurement of the “normal distribution.”

If a “red flag” is raised, it serves as a prompt to take action and make necessary lifestyle changes to potentially improve overall health and well-being.

Epigenetic age represents the biological changes associated with the aging process, which may differ from one’s chronological age.

When epigenetic age progresses at a faster pace, it indicates accelerated aging, while slower progression suggests a deceleration of the aging process.

By analyzing data from over 3000 individuals, we have calculated the average epigenetic clock for each age group.

You can compare your individual epigenetic age, as determined by the EpiAge test, to the average epigenetic age of your corresponding age group. If your epigenetic age is younger than the average, it indicates that you are aging better than the average population in terms of biological markers.

  • Measures of fragility
  • Hair graying
  • The aging of the skin
  • Levels of different types of white blood cells

As the field of Epigenetics continues to uncover groundbreaking methods for determining an individual’s true age, two important questions arise: what is the significance of your cellular DNA, and why does it matter?

In simple terms, more than 99% of your cellular DNA is shared by everyone else. However, a small portion of your DNA, which can vary from person to person, defines your unique characteristics.

Epigenetics goes beyond the traditional understanding of genetics related to physical traits like hair and eye color. It offers a revolutionary understanding of your cellular DNA and genetic code. By identifying genetic “variants,” Epigenetics can pinpoint specific diseases for which you may be at risk and empower you to take preventive measures, make necessary changes, or avoid those diseases altogether. Epigenetics holds the key to enhancing your overall health and well-being.

Furthermore, these discoveries hold the promise of paving the way for new treatments and medications to prevent, treat, or even cure conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, addiction, and others — potentially intervening before they manifest.

At present, HKG Epitherapeutics stands at the forefront as a pioneer in developing cutting-edge medical innovations for early disease detection and prevention, aiming to make a positive impact on vast populations worldwide. Our visions are already becoming a reality as we continue to drive advancements in the field.

If your initial sample fails during testing, we understand the disappointment this may cause. However, we have a solution in place. We will promptly send you a new kit to collect another sample. We strive to ensure a smooth and accurate testing process for all our customers.

In the rare event that the second sample also fails, we offer further assistance. You will have the option to request a refund for the purchase price of your kit, with shipping and handling charges deducted. We want to ensure your satisfaction, even in such circumstances.

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Biological Age Test

How it Works

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Register and obtain a password and your private key either on web or App.

Your password will allow you to enter data and read and download reports of the test and questionnaires. Your data will be encrypted as you are the only one who has access to your data through your password and private key. The kit will be sent to you by express mail.

Scan or enter the unique barcode included in your kit. Enter the password and register your kit either on the app or web.

Biological Age Epigenetic DNA Test Kit "EpiAge" 3

Seal. Ship

Collect saliva into the collection tubes following the instruction.

Sent the kit back in the provided envelope.

Saliva Collection Kit Instruction, PDF

Biological Age Epigenetic DNA Test Kit "EpiAge" 4

Answer The Questions & Enter The Data

Feed us with your health and lifestyle information to establish your personalized health ecosystem.

Please enter your age. This data remains confidential and you are the only one who has access to the data using your password and key. If you provide your age our system will provide you with an an analysis of how you are doing compared to the normal median as well as the range for 95% of the population.

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Discover Your Age

Log in the app to view your test results.

A personalized evaluation including intervention will be generated based on the health and lifestyle information you provided.

You will be notified by email once your epiaging test is completed. You can also check whether your test was completed by logging in.

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Make Lifestyle Changes. Improve Your Health

Once the test is complete you will receive the results and live analysis of your life data to your App.

How to use the epiAge package

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  • Continuously analyze Epiaging test results, general health parameters, personal interventions and its outcomes of multiple users using state of the art machine learning algorithms.
  • Personalized analysis with some possible routes for improvement​.
  • Coevolving of your well being and our “Epiaging” learning environment.

We send new kit to the customer. In the event of a second sample failure, you will be able to request a refund for the purchase price of your kit after subtracting shipping and handling charges.

We perform three independent tests on your saliva using next generation sequencing technology. We provide you with an average of the three tests and the technical accuracy of the score. The closer the technical accuracy is to 100%, the closer the tests results were to each other.

EpiAge tests make sense only within a dynamic life-long life style, environmental and health management system.

A personalized evaluation including intervention will be generated based on the health and lifestyle information you provided.

Updates on your health and lifestyle parameters periodically to activate the life-long personalized analysis report


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  • Avatar

    Guy Harriman

    My chronological age is 65, so the epigenetic result seems to fit for my lifestyle. I have been vegan for 35 years, and eaten one meal a day at 6pm fir 17 years. I also have a daily practice of yoga and Chi gong.
    I will look forward to continuing monitoring my epigenetic Age with your service.

  • Avatar

    Jennifer Perry, New South Wales, Australia

    Sorry, I missed being able to add the second test kit but it‘s good to know you get the kits out so quickly. I’ve just placed my order for the second kit. It is for my husband. We decided to do a supplements trial together. We’ll order another two kits from you in six months’ time to see if the supplements have caused any changes. We’re so happy to have found your company and be able to use your DNA tests for our experiment.

  • Avatar

    Ann Lolyco (Montreal, QC)

    Great, very professional and truthful, positively rewarding experience​​

  • Avatar

    Maxx (Australia)

    Dear David! That’s fine, I guessed that postage would be a little slow. There is no rush , as long as I get the full product I will be satisfied. Your service has gone beyond and above what i have expected. Thank you again for your time and effort!

  • Avatar

    Hala Z. (Toronto)

    “Thank you for your results for my age test. My chronological age is 40 and my test came back 41. That means since the average is about 6 years older that makes my epigenetic age 5 years younger than the average population. Pretty great!“


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