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Biological Age Test “EpiAge”

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Biological Age Test “EpiAge” is the DNA age saliva testing kit that can help you to find out your actual real body age. 

Scientists at HKG Epitherapeutics have mined a large number of age-related CG methylation sites in hundreds of published DNA methylation data and selected a DNA region in which saliva samples can accurately predict your biological age.


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  • Sample processing takes approximately 4-6 weeks from the time your sample is received at the lab.
  • Orders ship Monday-Friday, most within two full business days.
  • Return shipment will be handled by customers

How does the Biological Age Test Work?

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The epiaging test makes sense only within dynamic life-long lifestyle management. Advice from science by the most reputable national medical associations is presented in the questions section. You enter data and then decide which recommendations to act upon.

​You share the data and your decisions with us using our “fully blinded” app. You can enter the data and the changes you made as often as you want. Data and outcomes of multiple users are analyzed continuously using state of the art machine learning and a personalized analysis is provided to you with some possible routes for improvement. Medicine is not an absolute science.

​We are never perfect, but we are asymptomatically trying to improve by iterative analysis of data. We consider our platform as an “evolutionary” platform which dynamically improves with use with the ever-expanding body of data.

Why Does Epigenetics Matter?

More than 99% of your cellular DNA is identical to everyone else’s. However, a small part of your DNA, which may vary from person to person, makes you the unique person that you are.

​More than traditional genetics of hair and eye color, Epigenetics reveals a revolutionary understanding of your cellular DNA and genetic code. These genetic “variants” can identify specific diseases that you might be at risk for and enable you to change, fix or totally avoid them. Epigenetics holds the key to your overall health and well-being.

​Right now, HKG Epitherapeutics is a pioneer in developing the most advanced medical innovations for early detection and prevention of diseases that affect huge populations of people worldwide. Our visions are already happening.


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5 reviews for Biological Age Test “EpiAge”

  1. Hala Z. (Toronto)

    “Thank you for your results for my age test. My chronological age is 40 and my test came back 41. That means since the average is about 6 years older that makes my epigenetic age 5 years younger than the average population. Pretty great!“

  2. Maxx (Australia)

    Dear David! That’s fine, I guessed that postage would be a little slow. There is no rush , as long as I get the full product I will be satisfied. Your service has gone beyond and above what i have expected. Thank you again for your time and effort!

  3. Ann Lolyco (Montreal, QC)

    Great, very professional and truthful, positively rewarding experience​​

  4. Jennifer Perry, New South Wales, Australia

    Sorry, I missed being able to add the second test kit but it‘s good to know you get the kits out so quickly. I’ve just placed my order for the second kit. It is for my husband. We decided to do a supplements trial together. We’ll order another two kits from you in six months’ time to see if the supplements have caused any changes. We’re so happy to have found your company and be able to use your DNA tests for our experiment.

  5. Guy Harriman

    My chronological age is 65, so the epigenetic result seems to fit for my lifestyle. I have been vegan for 35 years, and eaten one meal a day at 6pm fir 17 years. I also have a daily practice of yoga and Chi gong.
    I will look forward to continuing monitoring my epigenetic Age with your service.

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